A Manhattan apartment transformed. The renovation started with the concept of traditional angles and moldings for curves. Walls, ceilings, and floor planes bleed into one through color and texture. A strict color palette, minimal accessories, strategically placed lighting, and an existing art collection played major roles in this apartment’s rebirth.

Who We Are
  • We believe in using the whole box of crayons
  • We draw well inside or outside the lines
  • We follow trends but don’t design for the sake of them
  • Editing the global marketplace thrills us
  • We honor natural as the way Mother Nature intended us to live
  • We love all styles-especially very high style
  • We know how to give a home soul
  • Teamwork brings out the best in us
  • From Manhattan to deep South Texas, BDG is proud of the spaces we have designed for lives worth living well
People Are Saying…