A regional approach to interiors. Our mission was to create a set of store interiors for the iconic company to renovate existing stores or to build new ones.

The San Antonio location has a cheerful combination of glossy whites, custom designed casework, and strategically placed lighting that welcomes the new consumer and surprises the return shopper.

In the series of interiors designed to re-energize San Antonio Shoe (SAS), the Austin location has an industrial theme based on an old factory which emphasizes the cobbler’s mission to create handmade leather footwear. Photography and other visuals of working cobblers remind the shopper of the company’s emphasis on quality.

Who We Are
  • We believe in using the whole box of crayons
  • We draw well inside or outside the lines
  • We follow trends but don’t design for the sake of them
  • Editing the global marketplace thrills us
  • We honor natural as the way Mother Nature intended us to live
  • We love all styles-especially very high style
  • We know how to give a home soul
  • Teamwork brings out the best in us
  • From Manhattan to deep South Texas, BDG is proud of the spaces we have designed for lives worth living well
People Are Saying…
  • “We would love to compliment you on how well you are keeping us within budget.  We really appreciate everything you are doing.  I really cannot wait to see how everything is going to come together.”

    – Client