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We channel over three decades of creativity and global exposure into creating homes that inspire a beautiful life.
Our team has the experience and processes to manage every detail without compromising the big vision.



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Baxter Design Group  (BDG)has a portfolio as inspired and diverse as the life experience of the award -winning founder and principal, Debbie Baxter. Debbie grew up in barren West Texas in a mid-century modern home, but spent as much time as she could in her grandparents’ classical, European styled one. As a young woman, she began post-graduate studies in Interior Design after an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas in Austin. Living abroad in Latin America and Europe , she had the opportunity to further her design education and point of view.  Her family eventually settled in San Antonio after paths through Miami and Chicago.

An avid student of both past and modern culture, a lover of all things beautiful, and a big picture visionary,  Debbie created BDG with a mission to design all spaces with timeless good taste, quality, and comfort.

She brings her varied cultural and historical influences to a collaborative environment that includes the project architect, builder, landscape architect and her talented  BDG team. Her diverse global exposure and decades of hands-on experience have given Debbie a unique ability to color with the whole box of crayons while leading the projects to match the owner’s dreams and the architect’s vision for them.

Debbie is an active member of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID), the Leaders of Design Council, and the Design Trust Ltd.

“When love and skill work together,expect a masterpiece.”


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