whether coloring within the lines or drawing outside them,

we wear a lot of hats


We are seasoned taste makers. With the eye of an artist, the click of a techie, and the sensitivities of a counselor, we work hard to create fluid, coherent spaces that make living at today's pace enjoyable.

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We resource the global marketplace. Uncovering the best of the best, we find the perfect fit. One-of-a-kind and handcrafted by our local artisans & trades, we often surprise even ourselves with the extraordinary.

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We are forever energetic. Brainstorming and chatting; pouring over books and images; sharing coffee or a drive, we serve the design team with a vision for living lovely.



We merge beauty and function. Making informed choices at the correct phase of project, our focus is on spaces where lifestyle, family, friends, and a love of life are the driving force.



We provide an umbrella over all the design/build team on your behalf. The multitude of decisions and trades people use our specifications to keep the goals of your vision as each layer is added to the project. We are the go-to for details that transform your plans into reality.

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We have a tight process and all the technology to make the project a joyful experience. Time tested and historically successful, we often work with the same patrons, architects, and builders over & over.

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We celebrate objects of the ages. Our thoughtful selections are a mix of objects, influences, and flavors. As we develop personal preferences for a life well lived, an individual masterpiece evolves.

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We watch your back and your investment. Avoidance of change orders and construction slow-downs are part of our project goals. We align with the design/build team to keep the day-to-day progress smooth and iron out problems.

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We are a proven success. Through meticulous planning and our own process roadmap, we navigate and creatively guide the multiple layers of decisions all aimed at living the beautiful life.

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